led by Grant Peeples

I will sing songs I have written and recorded that testify for the planet, our cause and the struggle.

Songs like:

The Last Great Buffalo Hunt

It's Later Than You Think

I Can't Imagine Him Carrying A Carbine

Sunshine State

Grant's Talking Blues

In between songs i will lead a discussion about the roll of art and literature in social struggles.   Siting where, when and why it has been most successful.

Folk/Roots artist Grant Peeples is known for his axe-sharp socio-political tunes as well as Roger Miller type humor and heart gigging ballads. Songwriting legend Bobby Braddock described him “like John Prine, but with a Southern bent.” Music News Nashville called him “a guitar-slinging poet.” 

Peeples tours have included performances at The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK, The Living Room in  New York City, and The Triple Door in Seattle. His records, produced by Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robert Earl Keen) have topped Folk/Roots charts in the US and in Europe.