Anti-Oppression: A Workshop on Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation for Green Party Activists

"Social Justice" is one of the "Four Pillars" of the international Green Party movement. This session aspires to help make that real by introducing participants to a set of tools/strategies that can help us build a political party with racial equity as a core value.

Training activities will centralize race within a broader context of understanding oppression and privilege. We will conclude with next-steps and a focus on the long-term commitment of GPUS to include a racial equity lens in every aspect of its work.

Emphasis will be on building knowledge and skills to support Greens willing to take an active and ongoing role for racial equity in GPUS now and in the future. Please note that this session is specifically designed for people of diverse backgrounds.  The four facilitators self-identify as white (2), African-American (1) and Latina (1).

Note:  this workshop is intended for people who already plan to attend the 2014 Annual National Meeting in St. Paul, July 24-27 and who are already registered for that event.  There is no additional cost for this workshop, but you must be registered to attend the meeting overall in order to participate.  This is also designed to be one 6-hour workshop stretching across four workshop blocks.  Only people who intend to participate for the entire workshop (Thurs afternoon and Friday morning) should register.

To register for this workshop, please visit: