Press/Media Room

The Press/Media room is in David Court in Markim Hall.   It is a multi-purpose space that can hold 25-50 people depending on set up.


Storytelling/Forum training room - CC205

This room will be for storytelling.  We will have 3-4 blocks of time when people can come and tell their story about the Green Party.  Charles will likely be doing these.  We also have a professional videographer that will help us with some of this and the workshops.  Then they will put together the stories with some of the workshop for us to have a dvd for use or sale.

I've asked Scott, Sanda, and Charles to connect with these folks to see who should do what when. The professionals will put together the dvd.  The room is small - seats about 10 people.   We will also use this room as a space for one-to-one forum training.  Again, we'll set some blocks of time (different from when the videos are happening) for this.